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The revolution will not be televised
On scrolling news read outs on CNN
Flashing across various point on the world wide web
Or posted as a bulletin on myspace
The revolution is well is alive
It lives and breaths within you
With in me
It is the voice of a thousand murdered slaves
It says never forget who you are
Never forget where you came from and why you are here.
It screams we shall over come from the top of the mountain
Have we
will we?
We have lost our will to fight
And our urge to carry on
Lost the drive behind the voice of the old negro spiritual songs
We use to stand for something
Now we fall for any shi*
Back in the day we would have cried out? oh we won?t put up with this?
Things we use to pray about now require therapy
Have all become our cup of tea
What happened to our kinship
A harmony of kindred souls
Now instead of rising water
It?s rising murder tolls
Some people say 9-11 was the worst massacre in US history.
But 1500 is nothing compared to the 10 million lost through slavery
Those trials and tribulations lie at the bottom of the sea
Ages and ages of undiscovered ancestry
I am the product of those who came before
I stand on the shoulders of those who opened many doors
See this look in my eyes?
It means I have now become aware
Watch me pump my fist and throw on my revolutionary stare.